I'm excited to share my journey in this post, allowing you to learn more about me and LOVASKIN, our Swiss skincare brand. I'm a 47-year-old Swedish native who's been calling Switzerland home for the last 12 years. After having my two amazing children, I quickly learned how precious time is. As much as I would have liked to soak in the bathtub for hours, it was simply no longer possible when I was needed elsewhere. Without a minute to myself, any “me time” became invaluable and I really had to make every second count. Foot care just didn’t get onto my “to do” list!


With limited time on my hands, I prioritised taking care of the parts of my body other people could see and that I couldn’t easily cover up, such as my hands and hair. However, my feet suffered from constantly being on them all day, with no chance for self-care, never mind foot care. I felt self-conscious about exposing my feet during yoga and when accompanying my children to swimming classes. Whenever possible, I concealed them in socks and shoes to avoid embarrassment. 

Though I yearned to tackle my dry, rough feet and escape this insecurity, existing callus remover and cracked heels, professional foot care products, were too time-consuming and tedious. Consequently, I kept postponing “fixing” my calluses and cracked heels. It felt like such a daunting task that weeks and months passed without me mustering the courage to actually do something! My experiences with countless foot care products had often disappointed me due to unfulfilled claims and underwhelming results.


While I don't have a chemistry or product development background, I have the same skincare needs as most people! All I want are products that feel amazing and fulfil their promises. And this need for instant results spurred me to start researching and ultimately developing easy-to-use, fast-acting and effective professional foot care products.

Our feet are vital in carrying and supporting us throughout the day, so they deserve our care and attention. Overlooking the unattractive appearance of foot calluses is easy, but if left untreated, the accumulated dead skin layers can harden and even crack, leading to potentially painful conditions. Beyond feeling great about how smooth and healthy your feet look, removing dead skin and calluses will also prevent future issues.

It's essential to know that having dead skin cells and calluses on the soles of your feet is a regular occurrence and more widespread than most people realise or acknowledge. Dead skin cells are present all over our bodies; without regular exfoliation, these layers build up and thicken. Feet lack sebaceous glands, which produce sebum that lubricates and protects the skin. Without it, the skin on the soles of our feet becomes dry and the layers of dead skin thicken and harden. Despite knowing this, I still felt self-conscious about my calluses and wanted to find fast-acting, simple-to-use foot care products.


During my research on product development, the more knowledge I gained, the less inclined I was to use traditional products. As a result, we steer clear of harsh chemicals, parabens and mineral oils, opting for a combination of natural and scientific active ingredients. And our foot care and skin care products don't make over-the-top, unrealistic promises like anti-ageing. I can confidently say they do what they claim.

Time and time again, I've been let down by foot care treatments that didn't live up to their hype — often overpromising and under delivering. Why was it so difficult to find products that truly work, are safe and make me feel amazing (or at least better)? This is why in 2017, I set out to create a quick remedy for callus removal. I understood that with people's busy lifestyles, foot care often falls to the bottom of their self-care priorities, resulting in neglected feet. 

Our team aimed to create a fast-acting, convenient product that would be easy to use. After much trial and error, we developed a foot peel spray consisting of a low concentration of fruit acids and a high concentration of hydrating and soothing components like Cactus (three times more hydrating than Argan oil), Aloe Vera and Swiss glacier water. And once I tried the product myself (with results shown later), I immediately fell in love with how my feet looked. Knowing our LOVASKIN INSTANT FOOT PEEL was a product I could genuinely stand behind (no pun intended) was a deal breaker if I was going to sell it. What still really amazes me is that our foot peel and callus remover works in under 2 minutes.

The idea of showcasing before-and-after photos of my feet on our website, as suggested by my husband, was initially terrifying. But, as the brand's founder, I wanted to be genuine and embrace my feet and how they made me feel. So I went ahead with it — you can see the results here. Now, foot care is effortless. My feet are soft, smooth and callus-free all year long and I'm confident and proud to show them off any time.


I am fortunate to have the opportunity to create my own products. As a small, family-owned brand, we can prioritise the quality and effectiveness of our products from just existing to generating a profit. "LOVA" translates to "promise" in Swedish, my native language. I selected LOVASKIN as our brand name because I want us to be a company that always keeps its promises and maintains high standards.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at contact@lovaskin.com. I personally reply to all emails, so please be patient and understanding if you don’t get an answer right away.


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