LOVA | SKIN is all about LOVE and CARE for your skin. It is a new cosmeceutical vision of beauty, imagined by Lovisa, to provide your skin with the best, efficient, and clever beauty solutions.

The word LOVA means “to promise” in Swedish. It is our promise to you to take care of your skin, your body, and your mind. Our LOVASKIN Swedish Beauty philosophy is “lagom” which means “just right”: a holistic approach to beauty, providing safe and highly efficient skincare, nutritional advice and healthy lifestyle guidelines.

LOOK, FEEL and be your BEST.


Lovisa is an active woman and dedicated mother of two young children. She is close to nature and focuses on the essential things in life. Lovisa believes in living a healthy life which means treating her body with love and respect.

In harmony with her beliefs, she imagined a new beauty concept blending science and nature in order to deliver smarter, more efficient, and easy-to-use products at home.


Lovisa was born and raised in Sweden and now lives in Switzerland - where she founded Lova Skin in 2017 - shortly after the birth of her second child. Like every busy woman and mother living abroad, life can often get hectic and stressful, with very little time to take care of herself. It always seemed to be the last priority.

“To be at my best as a woman and a mother, I realized the need to take better care of myself without feeling like I was going to climb a mountain peak. By just taking a few moments to stretch, to breathe, and take care of my skin, my body and ultimately my mind… What I needed were a few essential beauty products that are fast acting, easy-to-use and truly efficient, for an immediate look and feel good result.”

“In Sweden, we’re taught that taking care of oneself is the basis of physical and global well-being.”


Lovisa’s cosmeceutical vision provides the essentials: efficiency and time-saving. Inspired by the resilient and beautiful nature in Switzerland, Lovisa decided to incorporate both Edelweiss and Swiss Glacier water into her formulas.

edelweiss: The star of the glaciers is a unique Alpine plant. This strong wildflower has a powerful and effective natural anti-aging active. It protects and strengthens the skin while helping it withstand the test of time.

glacier water is a natural resource. The purest water in the world, it has no traces of pollution and is rich in minerals and trace elements


Moisturizes, soothes, energizes, and rebalances the skin for a visibly healthier and luminous complexion. Regenerates and protects. Anti-aging action is superior to conventional products.


Today, most women desire to look their best and to love themselves just the way they are.

The LOVASKIN woman adheres to the idea of healthy and natural beauty. There is no search for perfection, no anti-aging formulas; the beauty we are dreaming of is no longer synonymous with zero defect. We believe in the idea of universal beauty with naturally healthy skin.

LOVASKIN helps to bring out every woman’s natural beauty.