Instant Foot Peeling

Reveal the NATURAL beauty of your feet in minutes

Contains: LOVA I SKIN Instant Foot Peeling Spray 100 ML, Professional Double Sided Foot File, LOVA I SKIN Organic Cotton Carry Pouch, User Manual


A new generation of cosmeceutical foot peeling for a pedicure and express beauty care at home in minutes.

LOVA | SKIN Instant Foot Peeling reveals the natural beauty of your feet and helps to recover, from the first application, soft, healthy, and silky feet.


From the first application and contact with the foot skin, the fresh formula acts in minutes to naturally peel the layers of rough foot skin.

  1. Recovers the softness and beauty of your feet
  2. Removes the roughness of the foot skin
  3. Prevents corns, calluses, and cracked feet
  4. Hydrates and protects
  5. Keep your feet healthy, fresh, and relaxed
  • Your feet are smooth, soft, and have recovered their natural suppleness
  • Fresh scent of energizing mint & citrus notes 
  • Spray 100ml / 3.4oz for 25 home pedicures 


  1. Select the area to treat
  2. Apply product to cover the targeted area
  3. Wait 60 seconds and see your skin softly and naturally begin to peel
  4. Then, use the professional foot file to remove excess dead cells and allow a neat finish
  5. Rinse your foot with clear water.
  6. Wipe and feel your skin as new.
    • Swiss glacier water, aloe vera leaf juice, cactus extract, eucalyptus leaves, hamamelis bark, lemon peel extracts
    • 4 Acids : Lactic, DL-Malic , Salicylic , Glycolic.
    • Alcohol

    In a 50 user cosmetic study*, after one 90 second treatment :

    100% said that their feet felt soft.

    100% said their feet felt smooth.

    96% said their feet felt supple.

    90% said their calluses had been removed.

    100% said their horny skin had been reduced.

    96% said that their feet looked more appealing.

    98% said that the treatment was very effective.

    98% said they would recommend the treatment to a friend.


    * Single Application User Trial (Cosmetic Study) – 50 individuals – Test Period June/July 2018 – Derma Consult Concept Germany

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